Thursday, 12 March 2020

Keeping Business Visible During Coronavirus with Hi-Fidelity 360° Photography

Yes, the Coronavirus crisis won't last forever. But before it ends we will see months of working from home, self imposed Quarantine and Social Distancing. I often attend three four, up to six events in a week here in Sydney. Last weekend became my cut-off. To do our bit helping stop the spread of Coronavirus my partner and I have decided to curtail all non-essential social activity and to minimise being in groups and crowds. Getting out there; being part of the community, this is how we experience life in Sydney and we do the same when travelling, it's how we see the world. And we won't be doing any of that for.. well we don't quite know just yet, no-one does. We won't stop looking though, online, and we won't stop planning for future activities when the crisis is over.
A Portfolio of Hotels and Travel imagery in Hi-Fidelity 360  photography
A Portfolio of Hotels and Travel imagery in 14 Hi-Fidelity 360° photographs
This is where Hi-Fidelity 360° becomes an important part of your businesses future. People like being there, and want to see what things are like - but right now, well.. it's not so easy. So Hi-Fidelity 360° photography is the closest thing to actually being there, it can ensure your business remains visible during this crisis and beyond, by virtually bringing your customers and clients directly into your world; be it hotel accommodation; an art gallery and the latest art exhibition; a museum, a fashion boutique. Anywhere people go. You can bring people from the safety of their homes into your business using Hi-Fidelity 360° photography, they can view your premises at their own leisure spending as long as they like on any part of the 360° image. This is an aspect I enjoy over videos set narrative. Then call or email to make purchase or arrange an appointment to visit. There is only one caveat; the photography has to be seamless to create the illusion of being there and this requires technical and creative artistry, not just  photography, Hi-Fidelity 360° photography.
Uluru and Sails in the Desert Ayers Rock Resort
Uluru and Sails in the Desert Ayers Rock Resort - Click for 14 images Virtual Tour
It's still new and a little different, and now is the time to add this interactive 360° virtual tour photography to your marketing and social media outreach; and it's a lot less scary than being left behind or the virus. I can create effective Hi-Fidelity 360° photography virtual tours of your store, your room, your house, your fashion, all can be shown interactively, just like being there. Click the links and enjoy the experience yourself, then call me to discuss your needs.

I am taking local bookings in Sydney, Australia, now.

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White Caviar Life - Galleria Milan in Hi-Fidelity 360° Photography
White Caviar Life - Galleria Milan in Hi-Fidelity 360° Photography
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